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If you or your squadron wishes to join and compete in SATAL, please head over to the Eagle forums to register and signup. Registration instructions can be found at the bottom of the original post.

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The 51st PVO Regiment, in conjunction with Splash One Gaming and 104th Phoenix are proud to announce SATAL – Squadron Air to Air League! SATAL allows for the action and interest that surrounds SATAC be experienced year round. SATAL’s goal is to create a structured league that leads into the end game SATAC tournament. Whereas SATAC is an intense 2-3 week championship SATAL will be more of a slow burn year round competition. We expect each squad to fly a league match approximately once a month. SATAL results and standings will be used for SATAC seeding.


– November 19, 2017 – SATAL announcement to the community on the ED forums.
– February 24, 2018 – SATAL league begins with matches being flown and streamed every weekend for 35-45 weeks.
– League brackets will depend on the number of teams at signup.
– Groupings will also depend on the number of teams.
– 10 teams will allow for a single group and 45 matches (1 match a week for 45 weeks)(1 match will be flown every 1-2 months per team)
– 15 teams would use a 2 group format to lessen the number of matches, but still use the single match a week format.
– Matches will be flown on Saturdays at 1400z.
– All matches will be streamed and track-able on https://www.twitch.tv/m01tar_ and ED forum thread.
– Future DCS modules will be included in the tournament automatically as well as multirole objectives if needed or deemed to fit.
– November 2018 – SATAC tournament is run using the league standings for seeding using a single elimination format over a 2-3 week period
– All scheduling, scoring, and stat tracking will take place here on Splash One Gaming in The Merge.


– Matches consist of 2 teams in a team deathmatch. (4vs4, 6vs6, 8vs8.)
– Matches will be a best of 3 format.
– Bullseye is centered between two airfields.
– Once you enter the bubble you must not exit until the opposing team has been neutralized.
– There will be an engagement bubble centered on bullseye which teams must control to win the engagement.
– Once you leave the bubble you cannot re-enter.
– At least one pilot from the winning team must return to base in order to the win the round.
– AWACS will be active and available for both teams. The AWACS for each team will be stationed outside of the engagement bubble and will be invincible.
– LotATAC will be available on the server for those that wish to use it. It is NOT a requirement. AI AWACS will still be available for those that choose to not use LotATC.
– Air frame selection is permanent during individual matches. Teams must choose a set line up for each match and stick with that format.
– You may not change the air frame line up between rounds of a match. Eg. choosing 4 F15, 2 Su27 cannot be altered until the next match.

– All aircraft are permitted for use in this league.
– A ping limit of 350 will be strictly enforced.
– All matches will be taking place on the Splash One Gaming server based in Seattle, Washington.
– If a team fails to appear at a designated match a penalty will be issued; -3 points and walkover/forfeit.
– Weapons restrictions: AIM-120B, max 4 per aircraft
– Weapons banned: AIM-120C
– Breaking payload rules during or after the match leads to an automatic loss, (-3 points) for the at fault team.
– Up-to 5 mission locations will be available with random weather.
– Missions will be similar to the one used in SATAC 2017, but with varying locations.
– Mission and weather will be randomly selected immediately before each match.
– Mission and weather chosen will be used for each round of that match.

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